Anni Albers

Danilowitz, (2017). B., Anni Albers: Notebook 1970–1980. New York: David Zwirner Books.

In researching the structure of videogame design, particularly game play, I have been looking at patterns. Anni Albers’ Notebook from 1970 to 1980 is full of hand drawn pattern and plans for textile weaving. Visually the flatness of the drawings relate to flat planes of platform videogames.
The role of visual arts and the connection with videogame is a current debate in concept art and illustration. Questions of how videogame relates to the cannon of visual art history and context is under discussion by a number of academics, game developers and creative practitioners including the designers, authors and lecturers, Eric Zimmerman & Ian Boggost, curator Kristian Volsung, and Chicago based art gallery the VGA (Video game art gallery) which ‘seeks to increase cultural appreciation, education of video games and new media through exhibition, study (and) critique’.

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